Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bistro fries and burned chicken

So today I thought I would try something new--an orange ginger chicken breast from the Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh cookbook. It's a great source for recipes, and in the spirit of asian ingredients I thought I would alter their oven-roasted bistro fries by adding some ginger and soy. I thought the ginger would go nicely with the garlic and parsley. I never got a chance to find out though, because I couldn't really taste either the ginger or the garlic. The ginger was dried and a few years old now, and I'm a garlic fiend so maybe that had something to do with the bland taste. The (store bought) soy sauce was way too salty. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do to improve the fries yet...

Above: approximately 300 mL worth of otherwise bland parsley fries.

Also, because I still haven't figured out my stupid electric burners, the glaze on the chicken burned and after scraping off the charred bits the chicken ended up being unremarkably chicken-flavored. Today was a sad day for adventure, but tomorrow I'm going to try again with this chicken and fries combo, and by Thor it will be awesome.

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